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Beginner Tips

  • At the beginning level, no experience is necessary.
  • You do not need to be flexible, strong, or in shape to start.
  • Yoga is not a religion nor do you have to be a vegetarian.
  • A $10.00 trial class is a good way to try yoga.
  • Drop in classes for $18.00 are a good way to experience different teachers.
  • Injuries and illnesses must be discussed with your teacher.



A slower paced class with a variety of hatha yoga poses taught in a modified, supported way.

PreNatal Yoga:

A class for pregnant women experienced or new to yoga. A variety of hatha yoga poses will be taught to help with comfort, balance, strength and stress in preparation for the birth experience.

Open Level:

An open level class is for all levels. Ideally, brand new beginners should sign up for Level 1. Students will be taught according to their ability level.

Level 1:

A beginning level class for students new to yoga or new to this approach. Level 1 can be repeated.

Level 1-2:

Level 1-2 is a mixed level class of continuing and new students. Basic sitting, standing, twisting, and forward bending poses will be taught with an emphasis on strength, alignment, and flexibility.

Level 2 and Level 2/3:

A class for more experienced students with a working familiarity with basic poses. Emphasis will be on increasing endurance and refining individual corrections. All types of poses will be taught including inversions and backbends.


A class for students who have taken 1-2 years of yoga. Classical poses will be taught to restore and prepare for the breath. No pranayama experience is necessary.

Drop In:

Drop ins are welcome in any class except those already full. Call Yoga Focus for availability.


Wear comfortable clothing.
Bare feet are necessary.
Please do not wear perfume or scented hygiene products.
Make ups for missed classes must be completed during the current session.

Please note:

These levels are broad definitions. You are always welcome to transfer to a different class during the session. Students work at their own ability level in all classes.

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